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There are united about 100 members in the organization among them are hospital epidemiologists from different regions of the country, the specialists of Ministry of Labour Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, TSMU epidemiologists and the professoriates of the department of biostatistics, NCDC and the epidemiologists, clinicians of the cities contagious diseases surveillance municipal center.

The founders of Georgia’s epidemiologists and infection control specialist association are the following:

  • Lia Janashvili – the president of the association, pediatric-sepsisology, the manager of the quality and  infection control;
  • Tinatin Gabrichidze – the hospital epidemiologist; the teacher of the departments of TSMU epidemiologists and biostatistics, the manager of Health Care System, the manager of the environmental protection;
  • Ekaterine Peradze – an epidemiologist, the cities contagious diseases surveillance municipal center.