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The appeal by the president of the association

The association of Georgian epidemiologists and infection control specialist is non-enterprising (noncommercial) legal person, which was registered on the decision of Georgia’s legislation which corresponds  the decisions of the founding members.

The purpose of the association is the improvement of the safety, the medical help of the population of Georgia while receiving medical service and the promotion of the medicine of the patient-oriented medicine development.

The members of the association are: hospital epidemiologists, the specialists of the infections control, clinicians, TSMU epidemiologists and the professoriates of the department of biostatistics, NCDC and the epidemiologists, clinicians of the cities contagious diseases surveillance municipal center. They share the goals of the organizations, receive the information about activities and make a certain contribution to the achievement of the goals. I hope, this connection will become more effective in the future.

If you are the representative of the medical field, clinician or epidemiologist, work on the issues of the quality and the infection control, if you are the student who studies medical profession or the representative of any different field, if you are interested in these issues, inquire into the charter, regulations and if you want take part into achieving goals of this organization, please fill the application and send to our email or the site of Facebook.

Our organization is free for everyone, the ones who are interested in founding and developing the field as the modern type of the occupation of the epidemiology, the infection control and the service of the decontamination.

Yours sincerely,
Lia Janashvili-the president of the “association of the epidemiology of Georgia and the infection control”